Well It Almost Worked

April 16, 2010

New changes to the character page. Now the character page has a small portrait of each character, as well as a link to the first comic the character appeared in. Thank you for the suggestion, Em. Glad to see the forums are helping out the comic already. That, and I now know at least three people read the comic :P.

Warranties, they're a pretty good thing. It's nice to know that a manufacturer realizes that a product they make may be faulty and may break prematurely or not work at all. What I don't like are these stupid secordary warranties that stores want to sell you everything you buy anything now a days.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I'll explain further. When you buy a video game they come with a ninty day manufacturer's warranty, which should be good enough, but stores now feel like offering you an additional store warranty that lasts two or three years at the extra cost of three bucks. Seems innocent enough, but riddle me this, if I buy a game, get the extra warranty and then two years and three hundred sixty four days later the game breaks, is the store really going to replace that game? I'm guessing no. First of all games aren't printed that long, a game you buy now isn't going to be printed three years later. You might get a used copy of the game if the store happens to have one. What you'll probably get is a store credit worth the depreciated trade in credit you'd get for the game, which is probably ... ... ... three bucks.

See, when I think about it, these extra warranties are just another way for the stores to get a little more cash out of you. They know most people will ignore the warranty, but some people won't and they make money off these people.

My friend Chris put it really well when he said about a recent trip to an electronics store where he bought a set of speakers, speakers that already come with three year manufacturer's warranty. "I told him how I already said I didn't want the warranty. He then kept pushing and talking about how it's not a scam. I'm sorry but I know that they don't give a shit about me. If the replacement program costs $20.00 a speaker it means that they make money at $20.00 a speaker on it."