I Have My Fingers Crossed!

May 03, 2010

On the tail of the two Super Street Fighter IV comics, I'm following it up with this. I'm doing something new for for me, doing a comic about a game that hasn't come out yet, in fact a comic for a game that just got announced: Marvel VS Capcom 3!

I can't wait for this game. I may not be the biggest fan of fighting games, but I have always been a fan of Street Fighter, as I'm sure the last two comics made you aware. I am, however, a huge comic fan, so Marvel Vs Capcom is right up my alley.

Probably the biggest things about a game like this is dreaming who's going to be on the roster. Just like the appeal of a Smash Bros. game where you know any and every Nintendo character could be in the game, Marvel VS Capcom 3 is like that multiplied exponentally as there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of characters owned under the Marvel and Capcom licenses.

This comic is just my little wish for a character to get added to the Capcom roster, though as much as I love this character and the series he hails from, he doesn't really fit into the fighting genre. But fuck it, he's still a Capcom owned character, dammit! Plus it would be awesome to see him fight Daredevil, only if he gets added too.