I'm Never Getting The Perky Pug Pet

May 07, 2010

Hello there every peoples. As promised, here is the comic I intended to post on Wednesday, and again to please my core viewers, it's another WoW comic. Oh boy!

When you reach the end game of WoW, you get to the point that you start running raids. Pretty much every level-capped player belongs to a guild, a group of players that you choose to work together with and typically know what they're doing. But sometimes there might be a situation where you can't run an instance with your guild: scheduling conflict, not enough room, or maybe the guild isn't running that instance anymore. When this happens, your only choice is to form or join a 'pick up group' of random players that also want run that raid. Otherwise known as a PUG. And let me tell you, I fucking hate PUGs.

Very rarely have I been in a PUG where the people in it had a clue as to what they're supposed to do in order to make the raid successful. People pulling monsters idiotically, people not knowing how to play their characters, fighting over loot and what not. Needless to say, I steer as clear away from PUGs as much as I can. But every once in a while someone in the guild will say the group they're in needs one more healer, and always wanting to be a people pleaser I go, and instantly regret it.