The Epic Story Arc that Will Change Everything FOREVER: Part I

May 19, 2010

The time has come to begin a new story line, a story line that will make the Now in Color Arc and the New Couch Saga downright foolish. This story line will be epic!

For a bit of a backstory on this opening chapter: last Saturday I knew I'd be hanging out with my friends from out of town and I should probably wear one of nerd shirts. And do I have a lot of nerdy shirts; every hue of the nerdular spectum is covered in my wardrobe, but what shirt to wear that day? When I told my friend Chris about my ordeal, he said, "you should make that a comic." To which I said, "Maybe I will." To which he added, "And give me a royalty on it, even though I suggested you use your own idea." Well, I didn't think I should owe him any royalties, but somehow he had written out a contract, got it noterized and produced a copyright laywer to enforce it. Hope the thirteen cents was worth it, Misterpher.

Anywho, enough rambling. Time to open the curtain on The Epic Story Arc that Will Change Everything FOREVER!