Will The Real Michael Firestone Please Stand Up?

July 02, 2010

So, true story, the guy who kept sending me the friend request as Michael Firestone was, in fact, real-world Brad, and just like comic-world Brad, real-world Brad happened into the same predicament. See, the thing is, Blizzard is a business, after all, and they aren't really keen on people sharing WoW accounts.

You see, Uncle Blizz lives in a happy world where as soon as someone buys a World of Warcraft account they're the only person that plays that account, and they happily pay them $14.95 a month forever and ever and ever. That, however, is far from the case.

People trade, sell, or otherwise do all sorts of activities that go against the terms of service with their accounts. I had one friend that, when the game first came out, made a little bit of a living leveling accounts to the max level then selling them on ebay. I have another friend who got bored of the game and sold his account on ebay as well, only to change his mind a few months later. He then told a Blizzard employee his account was stolen and he actually got it back.

So considering all of that, what real-world Brad did wasn't all too bad. He let a friend of his use his account for a while when he was bored with the game, knowing that he'd eventually want it back, but when real-world Brad got his account back, the damage was done, and now he is Michael Firestone forever. And that is why I laugh at him.