I Need Paint Buckets!

July 07, 2010

Facebook, what the hell. It started off innocently enough, but it has grown into a unstoppable force of intronet devistation, at least until the next social networking site pops up and quietly pushes Facebook aside to cry in internet obscurity with MySpace, but I digress.

The real villian here is Zynga games, makers of such games as FarmVille, Mafia Wars, YoVille, FrontierVille and their upcoming super game VilleVille. As I said in a previous comic, the only reason why I played any of these games is because they reminded me of a much, MUCH better game, Harvest Moon. I've started playing their newest game FrontierVille because it reminds me most of Harvest Moon, even more so than FarmVille; the problem is that FrontierVille suffers from the same problem as ever other Zynga-made game.

You see, these games start off innocently enough. At first you level really fast, and you finish the goals the game sets for you really fast, but then around the second day of playing it, you find in order to progress in the game farther, you need the help of friends, and getting your friends to subject themselves to these kind of games is easier said than done.

The thing is, Zynga really doesn't give a shit that I find a flaw in their games. As they see it, there are three kinds of people who play their games. People who have tons of friends and get things done because their friends help them, people like me who only have a few friends that play and will eventually quit the game when it gets to the point that it takes too long to get anything done, and then there is the third kind of player, the kind that Zynga wishes they had more of.

The third kind of player is someone who has little to no friends that play the game and instead of just quitting the game, like I eventually will, actually pay Zynga money to get the items they need to advance in the game, which in my book is kind of lame, really, really lame. More lame than playing these games to begin with.