Virtual Bank Robbing

September 02, 2009

Facebook, over the years, has completely outgrown the shell of a cool college social network, to the beginning-to-be-uncool social network that everyone uses. One of the things that you can do on Facebook (besides stalking people from high school you haven't spoken to in years) is play some games that are made to be played within Facebook.

I tried to resist the siren song of these applications, but after over two years my resolve is gone, and now I'm both a member of a virtual mafia, but also the proud owner of my own virtual farm. These games are pretty harmless on their own. They're fun little distractions to do during the day, and since each game has its own energy meter that runs out when you play, and needs to recharge in real time, a few minutes every day or so is all you need.

However, if you don't want to wait for your energy meter to refill, and just have too rob one more virtual bank, or assassinate one last virtual mobster, you can always pay the game real world money for it's own in game virtual money, and get your energy back, which in my opinion is fucking retarded and anyone who actually spends money on these games needs some financial guidance, either that or a swift kick upside their head.