Jobs an Elcor Would Suck At!

December 11, 2009

And now for something completely different!

Mass Effect, it's a game, I enjoy it throughly. Having missed out on it when it was first released, I gladly downloaded it from XBox Live Arcade's Games on Demand service when it launched.

My favorite race in the game would have to be the Elcor. Too bad they're not a playable race. The reason why I like the Elcor so much is because I just find them hilarious, even though they're not actually meant to be funny. And why do I find the Elcor so hilarious? I'm glad you asked.

The Elcor communicate with members of their own race mostly through subtle facial expressions, they have the ability to speak, but their emotions are expressed entirely with these facial ticks. That being said their speaking voice is very slow, droning and monotone so in order to communicate better with people outside their race, they state what emotion they're feeling before they speak.

So where's the funny? I'll tell you where the funny is. The funny is that whenever I see an Elcor I can't help but think of normal everyday situations that could be made just a bit more funny if performed by and Elcor, and so I present to you, Jobs an Elcor Would Suck At!