Finding Winter Storm Nemo

February 08, 2013

As I write this, winter storm Nemo is running up the northeast. It just started snowing here, but in other parts of the area it has dumped quite a lot of snow. I really don't understand why the nation weather service is naming winter storms now. They name hurricanes, and with a good purpose, but before they name a hurricane it first has to grow to a certain size, have winds reach a certain strenght, once that happens the storm gets a name, however they seem to be giving every winter storm front, regardless of strenght or impact a name, and to me it just doesn't make any sense.

The last storm I remember being reported on by name was Khan, up here Khan barely gave us a dusting, but did drop over six inches of snow else where. Now we're at Nemo, what happened to L and M? Was the slightly cloudy day we had list week M? I don't know. Like with hurricanes there needs to be a set of guidelines a storm needs to meet before it gets a name. By the time everything is said and done some areas will have over two feet of snow. This storm is worthy of a name, 90% of all the other named storms so far this year, not so much.