Betcha Can't Name a Webcomic Without Using An A

March 01, 2013

So a new wave of annoying shit has hit the Facebooks. In the past week I've seen about a dozen or so, "I bet you can't name an 'x' without using 'y' letter" posts. Example I bet you can't name a city in New York without an e. Albany. I bet you can't name a sport without an a. Hockey. And of course the topic in the comic itself, can't name a fruit without an a. There are a lot a fruits withput an a. You know that, I know that, the original poster knows that, everyone knows that.

I really don't understand how these things spread so damn quickly, but in a matter of a few days these fucking posts have hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and shares. People, stop feeding the trolls. If you stop feeding them, they'll go away.