Game News Catch Up

July 01, 2013

So while I was gone I missed a few things, topics that I would normally touch upon, but when you can't physically post comics what are you to do? This is what you do.

The next gen consoles are a coming, technically one is already here. Poor Nintendo, it's kind of depressing the amount of people that just outright deny the fact the Wii U is part of this upcoming generation. No all the attention goes to Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft had dug themself into a hole, saying that the Xbox One, which shall henceforth be refered to as the Xbone, will require an always online connection, with manditory check ins every 24 hours in which failing to connect to the internet in time would result in the Xbone being unable to play any games. Kind of a stupid move. Then there's the Kinect camera. In light of everything that's going on with the NSA these days, the idea of your game console having a camera attached to your game console that by design needs to consantly be connected to the internet to work has a few people less than enthused. However, this issue has been overblown and misrepresented. The camera, nor the microphone aren't always on. They do not record video, nor audio. In fact they can be turned off and never used if you so desired. The only thing that would be constantly on would be the microphone so it could catch you saying the prompt to turn on the console, but again, it would only do this if you wanted it to. You can still turn the console on with the controller, or with the console itself.

Sony had less to prove with their E3 press conference. Mostly their main theme was that they were not Microsoft. The Playstation 4 not only has no manditory online connection, but would also cost $100 less than the Xbone. Sony had the hearts of the consumer in the palms of their hand. Then Microsoft came to their fucking senses. After two weeks of pretty much unanimous agreement from the consumer base, that the always online thing was a dick move, Microsoft did an about face and announced that the Xbone would have no daily online requirement, and that a one time online set up upon purchasing the system, it'll work 100% offline. So now the only thing really separating the Xbone and the PS4 is the price, but when you take into consideration that the Xbone comes with the Kinect camera, while the PS4's respective camera will be sold separately. That being said, in the PS4 Eye camera costs more than $100 there goes the price difference.

Lastly there is one more thing they need to consider, and most people might overlook it, since it won't effect them directly. Sony has made it public knowledge that all games for the PS4 will have cross play options with the PS Vita, unless they specifically use the PS4 Eye camera. To the consumer that sounds great, even better for eighteen people that have a PS Vita, but for the developers this means that in order to have their game on the Sony console they'll have to jump through this extra hoop, an extra hoop the might deture some companies from focusing on Sony's platform.

Truthfully no one knows what system's going to come out on top. Right now I think it relatively even at the moment. We'll just have to wait and see what happens when the consoles are released later this year.