They Know We Want It

July 05, 2013

Oh Uncle Squeenix, you love to remake your games so. I've bought the original Final Fantasy four times now, II twice, III once, IV four times, V twice, and I'll buy VI for every available system they make it for. Needless to say remaking these classic games has been rather lucrative for Square-Enix, and in a time where their game sales are hurting the gaming community has to ask, where is the remake for Final Fantasy VII?

Final Fantasy VII, while not my personal favorite game in the series, is pretty much the most popular Final Fantasy. So why no remake? If you ask Square-Enix they'd tell you it would be too expensive. Bull. Shit. Square-Enix is the undesputed kings of overspending on lost ventures. The Final Fantasy movie that tanked Square Soft, that lead to their buyout by Enix to begin with. The abyssmal launch of Final Fantasy XIV and all the money spent rebuilding it practically from scratch. And those were risky ventures. A remake of Final Fantasy VII would be guarenteed money, but instead Uncle Squeenix rather put their money towards making yet another sequel to a game only twelve people liked. It may have sold millions of copies, but only twelve people liked the damn game.

The weird thing is, as I write this Final Fantasy VII has just been released on Steam, so maybe this in Square-Enix's way of testing the water. If people will pay actual money for the broken mess the PC version of Final Fantasy VII was, maybe there's money to be make in finally remaking the thing.