The Effects of Rogue Legacy on One Brad Corddry

July 10, 2013

So I downloaded Rogue Legacy on Steam last night, and somehow five hours dissapeared. It's a 2D sprite based platformer in the vein of Castlevania, just take the whip and replace it with a sword. The Rogue part of Rogue Legacy comes in the fact that each game begins with you entering a castle, and each time you enter the castle the layout is randomly generatered. The Legacy part of Rogue Legacy comes from when you die, and you will die, a lot. It's kind of the point of the game. Each time you die you pick one of three offspring of your last player to become their heir. They get all the gear, gold and anything thing else found from their lost parent. You then use the gold your predecessor earned to build up your base camp outside the castle.

This is part in the game where time goes to die. Each time you die the thought crosses your mind, "I could do better this time," or "I'm so close to the next upgrade." These thoughts in turn lead to the mantra to the addicted gamer. I'll just play one more game. When real world Brad got home he took his turn at the game, and well I had to constantly remind him that it was getting later and later in the evening. Ten PM quickly became midnight. Thus today's comic.