The Epic Story Arc that Will change Everything FOREVER, (For Reals this Time) Part VII

August 19, 2013

Oh if only this comic was accurate, well it is accurate, just not 100% so. It's true that I have shied away from doing a more long form story based in the World of Warcraft out of laziness, but not out of pure laziness. The WoW comics do take a lot longer to make due to their art style, so I have avoided doing them in the fear that they would impact my ability to get the comics done on schedule. This is why a collabrative effort was so appealing. If I could put some of the work load on someone else than maybe I could do the comic and still keep schedule. However the division of labor isn't as lopsided as this comic would lead you to believe. As of now the writing is about 99% me, the lines and inking are about 99% Christina, and the coloring and lettering will be done by me. So when I think about it I'm getting the short end of the stick.

This wasn't what I agreed too! I agreed to her doing all the work and me getting atleast 50% of the glory!

I kid, I kid. I actually don't mind doing the coloring. As the name implies it's pretty much like doing a coloring book. And who doesn't like coloring books?