Still Much, Much Smaller than Daggerfall

September 16, 2013

So in the past few weeks a lot of information about the upcomig Grand Theft Auto V has been leaked. Songs files giving out the entire playlists of the radio stations. Text files giving away most of the plot. And most importantly for this comic the map, which promises to be the largest in the series' history. 49 square miles this map promises to be. to put that into perspective Manhatten Island is only 22.7 square miles large. However to put it into an even clearer perspective Manhatten is pracrically 100% developed land, while it looks like the vast majority of the GTA V map is open wilderness, so just how big is it really?

Anywho on with the comic. I cannot claim panel one and two as my soul creations, they came from a thread on NeoGAF, Though I did see the dragon before I saw the one posted on the thread, and if you ask me, my version is less forced and exaggerated, but I digress. The third panel, and my true feelings about the map are all me.