Halloween Shenanigans III: I Feel Like I've Done this Joke Before

October 09, 2013

Hey here every peoples. Little news update on the state of the comic. I previously stated that the Halloween story line would run concurrently with The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom, and it would end around Halloween. Needless to say I was wrong. I did a little rescripting and an eight comic story line somehow became an eleven, thus making the arc end in the middle of November. Then yesterday while talking with Christina I find that she's come down with a bit of the flu, or something like that. She suggested that we push back the next page of The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom a week seeing that we're at an act break. To which I suggested to her we take the entire month off. That way we can really get a backlog of comics done, so the deadlines aren't as tight, and on the Kickass McAwesome side the Halloween story arc will end on the 30th which makes more sense for that timing wise.

I know I said this before, but I hope this will be the last delay for The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom. Our end goal for this project is to get the comic in print form starting next spring when convention season starts up again. In reality this is kind of the last time we have a delay and still get the everything done in time for the printer. So bear with us. Good things are coming.