Halloween Shenanigans III: This Plan Needs a Little Work

October 21, 2013

The Halloween storyline keeps rolling along. When I originally wrote the outline for the arc this comic, along with the next one were originally one comic. I split it into two comics on account of the original comic either having way too many panels, and just being huge, or fitting too much story into not enough panels. My only concern about the split is that this comic really doesn't have a strong joke, though I suppose it'll just serve to set up Wednesday's punchline that much more.

On a side note I can fully empathize with Christina having to draw the armor clad characters in Mountain of Almost Certain Doom. I do not relish having to draw Danny, but especially Jeb in their costumes. Elayne's costume has it's own nuances, namely the multilayed semi transparent cape. I hope what I've drawn is convincing enough.