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January 04, 2010

Hey there peoples. You'll notice a few changes in the site today, at least I hope you do, otherwise you're blinder than I am. First off, I added a second navigation bar to the tops of the comics to make flipping from comic to comic easier since now you no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the page for the navigation buttons. I suppose I should have done this a long time ago, but what can I say, I'm lazy. Also the Archive page has been updated, so it will only show comics from one year at a time. The normal archive page will lead to the current year and you can get to the archives for other years.

Commenting on the subject of today's comic, I have noticed that as time goes on each new Zelda game's main quest keeps getting shorter and shorter, with tons of unnecessary side quests added for padding. Case and point the new Spirit Tracks game, It only has five real dungeons, or atleast what I would consider a dungeon in a Zelda game; that being, somewhere you go, fight a bunch of monsters, find a cool sparkly new toy, then kill a boss whose weakness just happens to be the previously mentioned sparkly new toy. Then when the boss is dead, you get a heart container and one of whatever bobble the plot says you need to pick up. That is a Zelda Dungeon, and like I said Spirit Tracks has only five. Well at least the eight bonus heart containers are whole ones in this game, for the first time since The Adventure of Link over twenty years ago.

On that note, what is up with quarters of heart? Who ever came up with that game-lengthening bullshit got a promotion and new house back when they first did it in A Link to the Past, but then in Twilight Princess, the latest console Zelda game, the extra heart containers are split even farther into fifths of heart. I hope this trend doesn't continue, otherwise we'll be collecting sixthy-forths of heart to get those extra fifteen heart cause there's only two real dungeons in the game.