The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom: Page 11

December 13, 2013

Most of the times when I run a longer story line in Kickass McAwesome I give each page in said story line some sort of subtitle. We don't do that for the pages of The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom, but if we did this page would totally be called, "All the Purple," cause seriously, look at it. It uses all the purple.

When it comes to coloring the comics Christina and I have different styles and techniques, but in the end we get a similar product. Christina uses multiple layers upon layers to alter and affect the base color layers, while I use a similar approach, but only use about four layers. Two for the background, and two for the characters. However when special effects come into play, and when said special effects require additional lighting effects, the layer count begins to climb. For this page I used twenty six different layers, and about half of them are nothing but purple. As I said before, this page has all the purple.