The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom: Page 17

January 31, 2014

Oh man this page. So much went into this one, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Forty seven layers, forty seven layers went into making this image look the way it does, and for the most part every layer has a purpose and needs to be it's own layer in order to make everything look the way it does. I know I've harped on the layers in this comic in the past, but that's only because this is such a departure from my usual style of making comics. Not for Christina though. If she was doing the coloring there'd somehow be even more layers, but I digress. The average Kickass McAwesome comic has only three layers. Only three. The average Mountain page has over a dozen, and as the series continues it's getting closer to twenty.

Hey, speaking of Kickass McAwesome that'll be starting up again next monday. So next week, and hopefully for all weeks to follow Kickass McAwesome will be updated on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Mountain will be updated on Fridays. At least for the next ten weeks. Then who knows what will be posted on Fridays. Oh wait, I know who knows. Me, I know, and maybe Christina too. I should probably square that away with her in the next month or so. Anywho, bottom line is there shall be no shortage of comics any time soon.