The First Annual Golden Derples Awards: Part VI

February 19, 2014

Here we are folks, we have come to the end of The Golden Derples, and the award goes to... ... ... as game I didn't actually play this year. Yeah, I failed to play an Assassin's Creed game, I have failed my favorite new series. However while that is the game of the year in comic continuity for comedy's sake, here is a list of ten games that Brian, (real world Brad) and I compiled together from games we actually played to completion this year.

Honorable mention. Skyrim, because fuck you it's Skyrim!

10. Pikman 3. Brian played this one, I merely watched and commented on it. One thing I can say about this game, it is colorful. A little bit of Nintendo magic, knowing that games can still have colors in them.

9. Pokemon X/Y. Speaking of Nintendo magic Pokemon had it's sixth generation start this past year. I played and finished Y, while Brian played X. Not much has changed with the Pokemon formula over the years, but they change enough to make it still interesting.

8. Tales of Xillia, I played this one, and I can honestly say this was one of the more enjoyable JRPG's I've played in year, but not the most enjoyable one, that's further down the list, but I digress. Tales Studios always weaves deep, interesting and engaging stories, and Xillia lived up to their standards.

7. Fire Emblem Awakening. I played this one, and I loved it. It is by far the best title in the Fire Emblem series, and one of the best RTS games I've ever played. The new player character, and relationship systems they included in this game really make you identify and have a vested interest in the units of your army. If one falls in battle you will be sad.

6. Saints Row 4. This game, and when I say this, I mean it as the most sincere compliment, is the right kind of stupid. This game panders to it's audience in the best way possible. It's knows what wacky shit the audience wants, and it give it to them, and it has a dub step gun, a fucking dub step gun. I hate dub step, but I love that gun.

5. BioShock Infinite. One of the games this year that has a deep enthralling story to tell, and boy does it tell it. One might say the gameplay takes second stage to the story, but is that necessarily a bad thing? The game play wasn't revolutionary, but it's still a solid FPS with dozens and dozens of different load outs of weapons and powers you can use during the game, and none of them are wrong. And the colors, another game full of color!

4. Rogue Legacy, the little indie game that could. I picked this game up as soon as it was released on Steam and it did not disappoint. A classic Roguelike dungeon crawler at heart with a great leveling system and a wholy unique ancestor system where each adventurer you sent into the castle is the child of your privious one, who might have genetically inhereted traits like the useful sturdy, where you take no knockback when being hit, the hindering nearsightedness which makes everything in the distance blurry, to the silly IBS, where you fart every time you jump. Its a fun game, you should play it.

3. Super Mario 3D World. It's a new Mario game, do I have to say anymore? I do, okay, I'll say more. This game follows in the footsteps of the earlier New Super Mario Bros. series, but instead of having all four players control exactly the same each character has their own unique set of physics which instantly add layers of replayability. Also the fourth player isn't just another toad this time around, no this time Peach isn't kidnapped for once and actually participates in the game and retains the play style she had in the classic Super Mario Bros. 2.

2. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. This game does something the Zelda series hasn't done in years. Something different. A spiritual sequel to A Link to the Past, this game certainly looks the part. Playing this game is very nostalgic for me, yet not barring to someone new to the Zelda series. The unique item system where each dungeon doesn't so happen to contain the very tool you need to kill the boss, on top of the non linear order in which you can comeplete the dungeons this games is the closest Zelda has come to an open world experience since the original.

1. The Last of Us. Yeah that's right, I subcomed to the influence of the internet zeitgeist, but it's a really, really, really, good game. Really.