Console Wars: Failure to Launch

February 24, 2014

We're about three months into this console cycle now, for Microsoft and Sony at least, and I have yet to get a new console, not for lack of consoles, or lack of money to purchase consoles, no it's because of lack of games on said consoles. I'm pretty sure I said this before in a blog post, but back in the day a console didn't launch without a high priority first party title. For the most part any new Nintendo came with a Mario, and any new Sega came with a Sonic. For that matter, what happened to pack in games? Pack in games were awesome! Now a days any pack in games comes as a part of a special edition combo, way after the launch of the console. Now consoles launches are just a barren desert, awaiting some sweet, sweet system selling game rain.

The simple fact is, in the race to get the console out as fast as possible, actual games are a second thought. Maybe if all consoles launched six months later they'd actually have a few games worth getting. Now that isn't to say I'm not guilty of buying a console new at launch dispite them having no system selling games. I bought the PS2 and 3DS at launch. Difference is at least those systems were backwards compatible and had shit worth playing.