Gone Conventioning

March 26, 2014

Well, like the picture says, we've gone conventioning. I think I might make this a thing from now on, making a picture of Danny and Gwen in costume for the post the day before a convention. I had fun making this piece. This might be the most meta thing I've ever made. This is a picture of Danny and Gwen, character analogs for myself and Christina respectively, dressed up as characters from the comic we made together, who are in turn based on the characters we play in World of Warcraft. Insert over used Inception joke here.

Anywho, incase you're new here, or just haven't been paying attention, this friday Christina and I will be gone conventioning for reals. We'll be at Conbust at Smith College in Northamton, Massachusetts this weekend. You'll find us hanging out in the artist's alley selling comics, prints and buttons. I know this as a certain fact now. Christina informed me that the final order from the printers with the comics are in. This is really happening. I can now call myself an independantly published artist. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys this weekend, and you'll buy said book so I can call myself a profitable independant artist!