How many colleges are in College Town?

April 04, 2014

Hey there every peoples, today I'm starting a little mini arc to convert some of the experiences Christina and I had at ConBust last weekend. When I went jot down some ideas for comics to make I ran into a few problems converting our direct experience into a story that would work in the Kickass McAwesome canon. I figured I could start the arc with a joke about me, a blind guy leading Christina a sighted person around the area of the convention, since you know, I went to college there. However that wouldn't make sense in the Kickass McAwesome canon. Since Kickass McAwesome takes place in College Town, a fictionalized version of the five college area in the poineer valley of western Massachusetts, and with Gwen having lived there for almost a year now, she would be familiar with the area. That being said a comic about Danny leading Gwen around wouldn't really make sense. Also since the convention was at Smith College, if I were the set the convention at a Smith College parallel the need for Danny and Gwen to travel would be unnecessary. So in the end I have decided to go with lazy writing. Danny and Gwen are just at some convention, and where it is isn't important! :P