Seriously, Why is Everything Pink?

April 16, 2014

Today's comic isn't based on an actual shopping outing that Christina and I went on, but it is based on our observations and opinions. Why, are there so many pink variant shirts for girls? I get it, pink is a girly color. A lot of girls like pink, but why do they need to make pink variants of perfectly good non pink designs? Especially when there are so many woman who'd prefer to not be pidgeonholed into a world of pink.

The seed for this comic was planted when Christina was lamenting that an online store offered a Spider-Man shirt in normal colors in men's sizes, but not in a woman's cut. They did however offer the same design in a babydoll cut, only in pink. But here's the thing. Christina loves Spider-Man. She wants a shirt to represent Spider-Man. Spider-Man isn't pink, he's red and blue. No one in the Spider-Man family is pink. That shirt represents no one.

The funny thing is I cannot think of a single superhero, even female ones that use pink as their primary costume color, yet you'll find things like pink babydoll cut shirts with the Superman family shield logo on it, despite the fact that Supergirl has never worn a pink shirt in the comics. She's worn a blue and white one though, but you'd be hard pressed to find shirts of that color in a cut for a woman.

On a side note, I see the irony that Gwen's hair in this comic is completely pink, but it's pink for the continuity's sake. She dyed it for the Cammie cosplay, and just hasn't had the time, nor the need to dye it back yet.