The New Spring: Part IV

May 07, 2014

Hey there every peoples, today's comic is kind of an important one. This little storyline wasn't just an excuse to draw everyone in a different outfit, no this storyline has a true purpose. I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. I just couldn't figure out a clean way of doing it. I really never did anything with the Jeb character in all the years I've been making the comic. He is by far the least developed character, which is a shame seeing that he was the second character to be introduced, but I digress.

Most of the times when I write a comic they start off with a basic plot with Danny playing of off someone to be determined later. For the longest time it was either Brad or Jeb, and they were pretty much interchangeable. Really the only difference was the reaction I wanted from the person Danny was playing off of. If I wanted Danny too be the smarter one, I'd use Brad, but If I needed a voice of reason I'd use Jeb. And that's the thing, Jeb's character never really developed beyond being an every now and then voice of reason, and with the introduction of Elayne, and especially with the introduction of Gwen, who is quickly becoming the deuteragonist of the main storyline, there is just less and less room and need for Jeb. Thus after much thought, it is time for a change.

Now Jeb isn't going to be completely written out of existence, I wouldn't do something like that. There's still more stories to tell over the next few months, and he'll make sporadic appearances as he is needed after than. So he's not going away forevers.

The under laying storylines for the rest of the summer will be reflective of change, and moving on into a new stage in life, something that I personally have been experiencing myself this past year. On a side note, remember when this comic was about video games?