CSI: Greater incorporated Tri-County Area.

February 08, 2010

So the Super Bowl was last night and, well. I think it sucked! I'm a Patriots fan, so most of you would assume I'd be routing for the Saints as the Colts are the Patriots' Nemesis. But in truth I have a lot of respect for the Colts organization. However, I kind of was rooting for the Saints as well, 'cause like most of the country I've been swept up by the "You go New Orleans, way to recover from that there hurricane" vibe. So truthfully, going into the game I would have really been satisfied no matter who won the game. I know that's a really lame not-sports way of looking at it, but that's how I felt.

That is, until the second half started. Who fucking starts a half with an onside kick? Seriously! That was pretty much the biggest example of Douche Baggery in action I've ever seen. So from that point I was Colts all the way. Unfortunately Peyton Manning continued to prove why he is the greatest REGULAR SEASON quarterback of all time.

So in short, fuck New Orleans, fuck Madri Gras, fuck Jazz bands and fuck the Saints as they come marching in with a pansy, pussy, douche baggy onside kick.

But I digress. Today's comic is actually about the Half Time show, which also sucked ass. Ever Since Janet Jackson's little nip slip it seems that the NFL is afraid to let anyone under fifty play the Half Time Show. I was actually looking forward to the Half Time Show when I heard The Who would be playing, and since it was CBS that was broadcasting the game I predicted correctly that they'd play Baba O'Riley, Who Are You and I Won't be Fooled Again, the three songs of theirs CBS uses as the theme songs to the three versions of CSI. I also mused that after the game CBS would premier a new CSI with Pinball Wizard as its theme, and guess what they played that too.

However, The Who have not aged well. Eventually the NFL will get the stick out its ass and let someone from this century play the Half Time Show, but seeing that the trend has no sign of ending any time soon, I'll just say this now: Eric Clapton next year, and he won't suck cause he's Eric Fucking Clapton.