Paragons are Pussies!

February 19, 2010

Check it out, another Mass Effect 2 comic! Mass Effect, like pretty much every other BioWare game, has a moral system in it. During that game, you'll often be given the decision to do a "good" Paragon or a "Bad" Renegade option. In the first game, these decisions didn't effect the overall game that much, but they did change how certain people thought about you.

I opted to go the Renegade route, 'cause being a space badass is just awesome. That, and I find the Renegade dialogues much more amusing.

In the second game, however, your Paragon and Renegade levels have a new effect on the game. Due to what happens to you in the game's opening, you are left with a few wacky glowing scars on your face. If you do Paragon actions the scars will begin to heal, however if you choose to be a badass Renegade like I did, the scars actually multiply and get worse. At the higher Renegade Levels, it kind of looks like you're turning into some kind of demon as your normal face begins to simply fall apart, thus this comic.

Thankfully there is a medical upgrade you can get to heal your scars instantly so you can still go through the game being all baddass without your face melting.