But The 4th Rule Is Only Two Men To A Fight

March 15, 2010

Still playing Final Fantasy XIII and I'm still liking it. I don't mind the simplified stat system they're using in this game, limiting everything to just health, strength and magic, as opposed the to normal attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense and speed stats most of the series has used.

XII is a bit different from most games in the series in that your characters don't have experience levels. Instead, your increase your stats and learn new abilities in the new Crystalarium, which I can best describe as if the Sphere Grid from X ate the job system. The problem I have with this new system is the same problem I had with the Sphere grid, that being eventually everyone will know how to do everything, fill every role needed in battle, which well, I think is lame.

In many of the Final Fantasy games, the role a character plays in battle play a lot into their personality. Would Rosa's role in IV as the serene White Mage been as prominant if everyone could heal as good as she could?

Would Shadow in Six had been a total ninja badass if everyone could deftly toss a shuriken? If you have played the Final Fantasy games and answered no, then please shoot yourself in the face 'cause I and the world have no purpose for you anymore.