Elayne's Story: Part XXIV; Challenge 6: Friends and Family

June 05, 2019

One of the fun things about this storyline was thinking up theme challenges for the competition. Christina was more helpful listing the various challenge types Project Runway typically has, and I filled in the gaps to make them more amusing. One challenge that I liked was the quote/unquote, "Non Traditional Model" challenge, a.k.a. design a dress for someone other than an a size 00 skinny bitch. I also wanted to break up what would have been four months of only Elayne being in the comics, so I thought of an idea that would bring Gwen into the story. Thus this challenge. It's probably my favorite one in the arc.

Speaking of my favorite one, you know what my favorite Patreon is? The Continue Patreon, those guys really churn out a steadily entertaining product. Also our Patreon is pretty good too I suppose.