Summer Shenanigans Storyline: Practical Practice

July 27, 2019

I apologize for the lateness of this post, the stars of mild inconvenience have seemed to align upon me this week. A mild health issue, and a fun computer issue that pretty much put production to a stand still. One or both of my alt keys are haunted. I don't know why, and I don't know how, but my keyboard seems to think someone is mashing on the alt button, and let me tell you, for a key most people probably never use, having a haunted one is not fun. Firstly alt + anything in photoshop pulls up a alternative function or tool it's really hard to draw when the pencil keeps wanting to be the eyedropper, turning a layer on or off instead turns ever other layer off, randomly changing the rectangle selection tool into an ellipse, and much much more! It also makes typing nigh impossible, which is another huge factor in the comics being delayed. Fun side topic, did you know that alt + backspace certain programs deletes all the text in the file? I don't know who thought that was a necessary function, but someone did, and he's an idiot. It makes it extra frustrating since the haunted alt key is inerfering with other command keys like ctrl, so ctrl + z-ing the text back is a hit or miss situation, but I digress. It seems to have calmed down for now, though I've thought that before. I'm currently in the calm after my second alt key haunting. Fingers crossed.

Danny helps Gwen run some drills. These drills are practical techniques I remember from the self defense class that I took, which just like Gwen I took it to fill one of the 8000 extra little lecture things my community college required you to take in order to graduate. I never did graduate from that college, I transferred to UMass Amherst before that, though I am using what I learned to make this little storyline within a storyline, so worth it?

Side note, second calm is over, the third hauntening has begun! Help.

Even if your alt key is haunted you can still click on our Patreon link! A haunted alt key might give you problems on our Threadless store though, cause our designs are so awesome you're gonna want to buy like six things, but the haunted alt key won't let you enter your payment information. Dammit alt key, let me buy t-shirts!