We Interrupt Our Irregularlly Unscheduled Hiatus for an Interruption

May 29, 2020

Hey, itís been a while hasnít it. Let's see if I still know how the do this whole website updating thing? The answer, kind of! I forgot to update the both the text of the link, and the address of the link for the new 2020 archive page, and I forgot that HeidiSQL only posts the text between the first carrotbrackets if you copy/paste into the database cell, versus copy/pasting into the opened databasscell, but I digress. I updated a website!

Youíve read the comic by now I assume, so you basically know the situation. Unless youíre a crazy person and you scroll down to read the blog post first, then read the comic. If that is the case I thank you for your crazypants patronage.

Covid-19 is still here, it sucks, as do my eyes. Right now Iím wearing a pair of bifocals I had made too soon after my cataract surgery on my right eye, so the lens of the right eye is off as the eye continued to change for months after the surgery. The left eyeís lens is good, but for the purposes of using the computer Iíd be much better off with a pair of dedicated reading glasses, rather than bifocals. Due to the nature of bifocals and the absurdly large magnification my previously sucky eyes need, I can only really focus on a tiny portion of the computer screen, and then, only if I look at just the right angle. Well Iím happy to say that I have more or less grown accustomed to my new ďangleĒ on life, and while it is not ideal, Iíve been idle long enough. I wanted to start creating again. That being said I wish to, for now, finish making the comics I had planned for what is now the grossly misnamed, ďSummertime Shenanigans Storyline: 2019.Ē When Iím finished making those comics, and have a nice buffer, Iíll start posting comics regularly again.