Super Shenanigans Bros. Ultimate: I Would Support Such a Class

October 23, 2020

Hey there every peoples. You might notice a slight change in the site today. Christina helped me make a few formatting changes that woefully needed to be updated, seeing that I hadnít changed them in eleven years. In the before times of 2009 a good chunk of people still were using 800x600 4:3 monitors, so I designed the site to look good on a screen like that. Now in the darkest timeline that is 2020 code like that makes the web site woefully small on our modern screens. So I vowed to make a change! But I suck at coding, and what I tried didnít fix anything, and in one situation made it worse. So I had Christina look at it, Ö Ö Ö and the code she wrote broke it worse than anything I did, but then she fixed it and itís all good now! So enjoy the comic in a better, easier to read format.

So when I went to college as a part of orientation there was a section of it to help instruct the female students to be safer in ďcertain situations.Ē It had helpful tips like, maybe donít wear revealing clothing, donít go into a male studentís dorm room, walk with a group if you have to be out at night. All stuff about how women should modify their behavior, never once addressing the men in the crowd. Maybe it would have been beneficial for the guys to hear some words of wisdom aimed at them like, women wear clothing that they find comfortable, itís not a message for you. If you feel like you canít be in control of yourself when youíre alone with a woman, donít be alone with a woman. But most importantly the men in the room could have just been asked to not rape.