Main Characters


Danny Cardillo

Danny is a recent college graduate with a degree in graphic design, he is currently unemployed. He decided to learn web design to give him a better change at finding a job, however he mostly sucks at it, and tends do spend more time drawing or playing games rather than perfecting his coding skills. Danny also happens to be legally blind, kind of odd for someone who's visual impared persue a completely visual field, but then again Danny is a bit odd.

First Appearance: What I Learned at College.


Jeb Green

Jeb's a student working his way through college, in fact he's the only one of the three with an actual job. Jeb's far and above the most level headed of the three guys living in the apartment and will often put an end to Danny's shenanigans by interjecting simple logic. That isn't to say Jeb isn't above commiting random acts of insanity himself.

First Appearance: I Blame the Economy.


Brad Corddry

Brad's a full time student living off money from his parants. He's a bit on the slow side, though he tries to stay up with his studies, however he finds he spends most of his time playing video games and just generally slacking off. Though he may seem a bit dim at first Brad is known to have a moment of keen insight every once and a while.

First Appearance: Present Day.


Elayne LeBeau

Elayne is the new girl in the building and moved into the single across the hall from the guys. Elayne is of the rare breed of female known as the gamer girl. Usually Elayne remains a consistant voice of reason, however she's can be incredibly competative, and contests have been know to bring out her dark side.

First Appearance: Handled The New Character Transition Smoother Than Two and a Half Man Did.


Gwen LeBeau

Gwen is Elayne's younger cousin. An espiring illustrator, she resently moved in with Elayne to attend college in the area. Recently she has started making a comic with Danny. I could go into more detail about that, but things would probably get way to meta.

First Appearance: Extra Special 500th Comic Story Arc Go: The End?

Side Characters


Alta´r Ibn-La'Ahad

A legendary assassin from the 12th century and one of the main characters from the Assassin's Creed series. Alta´r seems to have an innate sense to find annoying people, and when he finds these people, well it doesn't usually end pleasently for them.

First Appearance: Templars are Dicks.

Danny's Hot Mom

Danny's Hot Mom

Danny's Mom, obviously. Apparently she is rather attractive, though you wouldn't be able to tell as her face has never appeared on screen. Jeb and Brad refer to her exclusively as Danny's Hot Mom and make sure to correct anyone who doesn't, much to Danny's chagrin.

First Appearance: Danny's Hot Mom

Danny's Awesome Dad

Danny's Awesome Dad

The only man who's awesome enough to be worthy of Danny's Hot Mom. No one really knows the source of his awesomeness, but it is said he is as awesome as Superman and Chuck Norris combined, and trust me, that's a lot of awesome. Not to brag, but he could probably beat up your Dad.

First Appearance: Danny's Awesome Dad



Going by the gamertag of Halorulz6969 on Xbox Live, Chadwick is the epitome of the bro gamer, rarely straying from his comfort zone of Halo, Call of Duty or Madden. Somehow he has gone his entire life without playing a single Mario or Zelda game, which is just baffling to Danny, Jeb and Brad.

First Appearance: Going Door to Door.



One of Danny's friends from college. He majored in Computer Science is generally a fricken genius. He has since moved away from College Town and currently works in sunny California, where the magic is made, Blizzard Entertainment.

First Appearance: In Real Life.



Brad's pet wombat, the only one he kept after Brad somehow imported two Wombats, avoiding who know's how many international and US shipping laws, only to use them in a bad sight gag. However if the landlord askes just say he's a small dog, wink, wink.

First Appearance: Huge Effort, Very Little Payoff.



NPC lives in the same apartment building that Danny, Jeb and Brad live in, atleast we think he does, he just kind of showed up one day. He's a man of few words, and when he does speak it's only in lines a Non Player Character from a classic video game has or would say.

First Appearance: Funny Seeing as Danny's the Blind One.

World of Warcraft Characters



Daniellena is the Holy spec Priest played by Danny. Everyone just refers to her as Dani, probably since no one really knows how to pronounce, or can bothered to pronounce her full name. Truthfully I'm not even sure exactly how it's pronounced.

First Appearance: Danny and Dani



Kelsin is the Restoration Spec Druid played by Misterpher. Kelsin appears as the old school version of the tree form at all times, despite the fact that the tree form no longer looks like that, and isn't even a constant state anymore either.

First Appearance: Any Luck



Indevan is a Protection Paladin and the current leader of the guild, so rightfully so he can be a little bossy and authoritative. He also has the tendency to be a little egotistical, but in reality he really is a good guy and a great leader, ... most of the time at least.

First Appearance: Dani Has a Little Catching Up to Do.