Any Luck?

August 21, 2009

Hey, remember two days ago when I said WoW comics were going to be a staple in this site? Well I meant it; here's the first comic to take place entirely of the World of Warcraft game world.

Anyone who's raided Ulduar should know what this comic is about, that annoying douche that stands by the teleporter asking if you've had "any luck?" each and every time you use the teleporter, which can be a bit annoying during a night full of wipes. I will say, however, my guild did eventually kill Yogg-Saron, but not before he gave me the idea for this comic.

I must say this comic took about three times longer to do than any of the other comics I've made thus far, which makes sense since at nine panels long, it is the longest comic I've made so far. I didn't want to split it up 'cause I don't think I would make sense or be as funny that way. Also it took even longer to make since I was originally going to post it in the three panel wide format, but when I did that I felt the art was too squished. So at the last minute I changed it to the two panel wide format, and it looks much better, though the font is bigger because of that, but I don't think anyone will notice, or mind.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy this comic, I put a lot of work into it and I'm pretty proud of what I ended up with in the end. Enjoy!