Going Door to Door

August 24, 2009

Last week Gamefaqs had these two polls asking people what was the first Mario and Zelda game they've played, and as you'd expect, most people have played them.

Over a third of the people said Super Mario Bros. was their first Mario game, and seeing as it was packaged with the original Nintendo, it's easy to see why that was the highest on the list. It was my first Mario game, too.

Zelda was a little more varied, with the original on the NES as it winner but not too far behind was Oracina of Time. The original one was my first one.

You might be wondering, how is this going to translate into a comic? Well the thing is, if you ask people what was the first Mario and Zelda game they played, you need to give them an option to say they've never played one, an option that people actually used.

1428 out of 107613 haven't played a single game featuring Mario, and even more, 7435 out of 104455 have never played a Zelda game. Now, how is this possible? I mean, this isn't a poll of a random group of people, this is a poll made by a gaming website. How can you consider yourself a gamer and have never played a Mario game? That's like an Italian chef that's never made pasta! Hell, even my Mom has played at least the first Mario game, she'd even played and beaten both quests in the original Zelda. She hasn't played any games since then, but at least she's more versed in gamings roots that some "gamers" are.

Now that I have gotten that rant out, the following is what I wish I could do to all the people who said they've never played a Mario game.

My apologies if one of you happens to be HaloRulz6969 on the gamefaqs forums... ... ... on second thought, if your handle is HaloRulz6969 you're probably a douchebag anyway.