Funny Seeing as Danny's the Blind One

September 14, 2009

If you've taken the time to read these posts, you'll probably realise that 90% of them is explaining why the humor in the comic is valid. Most of you probably don't need to be told why the strips are funny, but so everyone who reads these comics has a chance to find them funny, I write them anyways.

Now that I've said that I'll just say all of you who have played World of Warcraft just read the comic now and come back to finish reading this news post if you want to. I say this because I think explaining the point of this comic would ruin it for the people who'd actually get the joke.

Ok now go read the comic while I explain the funny to the other peoples. GO!

Ok Mom, the reason why this comic is funny is because while playing World of Warcraft, the only way you can interact with someone is if they are in your "line of sight." Makes sense. Can't heal someone if you can't see them, can't attack something if there's a wall in the way. Problem is, if someone is on a ramp, or a flight of stairs above you, even if you can physically see them, the game acts as if there is something blocking them from your line of sight, thus making interacting with them impossible unless you also go up the ramp or stairs, and that's why this comic is funny. Just a little bit.