Wouldn't the Tardis be More Appropriate?

October 06, 2014

Hey there peoples, today's comic begins a mini storyline within a storyline. A short convention storyline as a part of the over all Jeb moving out storyline, and while Danny and Gwen are at a convention this time around Christina and I are not. Funny thing is, originally I intended to end the Jeb moving out storyline after coming back from a convention, but I fell behind on work because we were doing so many conventions. Funny how that works. On a side note we'll be appearing at Rhode Island Comic Con the first weekend of November and North East Comic Con the first weekend of December.

So for this comic I drew Danny and Gwen as the Fourth Doctor and Romana II from classic Doctor Who, characters that Christina and I cosplay as at most of conventions we go to. It was a simple exercise that somehow ended up leading to me completely redoing the scale of all of the Kickass McAwesome characters, and it's all Christina's fault … … … mostly

Like when I drew Danny and Gwen as Dani and Cammie for the last convention storyline I wanted to draw a special picture of them as the Doctor and Romana this time around, which you can see on my tumblr here. Now here comes the part that Christina's fault … … … kind of. Since most of the conventions we've been doing lately are in the Boston area Christina left a lot of the supplies here at my apartment so she wouldn't need to lug them back and forth from Connecticut, including the boots and scarf for her costume. She would have left the coat too, but she spilled coffee on it, a few times. Classic Christina, but I digress.

I decided to do make the picture of Danny and Gwen a full body drawing since I had the actual boots Christina wears for her costume as an artist reference. The full bodied Gwen came out looking good, but when I put it next to the full bodied Danny, Danny looked all wrong. His torso was too long, and his legs were too short. Something that wasnt as apparent when you're just looking at them from the waist up. Looking at Brad, Jeb and Elayne there were things off with them as well.

I always had an idea of the scale of the characters in my head. Danny being the main character was the base of the scale. Brad is taller than Danny, Jeb and Elayne are the same height and shorter than Danny, and Gwen is a bit shorter than them. The scale seemed to work fine, that is until I gave them legs. So most of the past weekend was spent completely redrawing almost every Kickass McAwesome character, and all because Christina was a bum and left some of her stuff here. Even when she's not around she's making me a better artist.