Some Times He Misses Key Details.

October 08, 2014

Today's comic hails from the, "this actually happened at a convention once," vaults. Truthfully it's happened more than once, but the first time it did this was the thought that crossed my mind. I mean not every blind guy is cosplaying as Matt Murdock, nor is every deaf person dressing as Clint Barton. Well that and their respective DareDevil and Hawkeye costumes would make it more obvious, but I digress. Professer Xavier has no such costume, he's just a bald guy, usually in a suit in a wheelchair.

So the question at hand, is this guy in costume, or actually a paraplegic, or maybe a paraplegic in costume? I don't know, but like Gwen in the comic, Christina told me that the guy's wheelchair had the giant X hub design. So yeah, he was probably Professor X, or just a sharp dressed bald man in a wheelchair.