Cammie's Quest for Candy: Part I

October 20, 2014

Hey there every peoples, it's nearing the end of October and that means it's time for a Halloween story arc. However unlike in years past the story arc won't take place in the Kickass McAwesome-verse proper, but instead will take place within Zeorath the wacky fantasy world that may or may not be a total and complete rip off of lovingly enspired by World of Warcraft, among other things. Also as you can see, like with the last major Zeorath story the line art is provided by Miss Christina.

Hey Miss Christina, do you wan to say something to the peoples?

Can't busy playing Mario. Need to find a fire flower. Stupid second star in lever 5-2

Anywho, this little story line will last through Halloween. While it might not be what you expected I hope you enjoy none the less.