What to Do, What to Do?

December 02, 2014

Hey peoples, long time no see. Sorry about that, real life got in the way again. Thanksgiving was more of a time consuming vortex this year than usual, what with a snowstorm the day before, parents telling us to just story home for the holiday proper, then making trips across practically the entirety of New England to visit both families over the weekend. We have SO MANY leftovers! Also I'm incredibly lazy, so that might have also been a contributing factor, but I digress. I have a comic to comment on!

Today's comic will start a storyline that will deal with the fallout of Jeb moving out, and in the end will establish a new status quo of sorts. Right now I can assure you no new characters will be introduced. It would kind of be a dick move to remove Jeb from the story, only to replace him with a different character. No the issue of Danny and Brad affording the rent will come to a close some other way. How exactly? Well you'll just have to keep coming back to find out.

In convention news the final convention for us this year, (probably for reals this time.) is this weekend. North East Comic Con in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Literally right down the road from us! So if you're in the area come and say hi and possibly pick up some nerdy art stuff for Christmas presents for all your friends. You don't HAVE to buy our stuff, just saying.