2015 Super Story Arc Go!: How not to Motivate Your Work Force

February 18, 2015

Hey every peoples! It's Wednesday, so have a comic. Today's comic is kind of based on reality, a reality that is supercharged a few levels. Did Christina take my phone away from me because I was playing too much Crossy Roads? Yes. Did she hold it hostage as a means of extorting productivity out of me? No, but she probably should have.

On a said note the second issue of Kickass McAwesome, Shenanigans Part One: The Shenaniganing, is almost finished and will almost certainly be sent off for print by the end of the week. Twenty four pages packed with comicy goodness. Over thirty classic Kickass McAwesome comics and some print edition exclusives. Coming to an etsy shop and conventions near you soon! Well actually that's only a half truth. The etsy shop is technically near everyone since, you know, internet. The conventions however will mostly only be ones near us, but I digress. Buy my book... ... ... eventually!