Stupid Non Fiction, be more Like Fiction

July 20, 2015

Space is so cool and stuff. The idea that hundreds, if not thousands of variables came together that allowed life to blossom on our planet is mesmerizing and humbling at the same time, and that even though no other life has been found on the other planets of our solar system is still interesting to look at the dice rolls the other planets got that led them to become the planets they are now.

Venus, so much like Earth, could very well had supported life, but it's slow rotation and weak magnetic field and an out of control greenhouse effect has made it completely uninhabitable. Mars, also to could have housed life. There is every indication that it once homed liquid water, and had active vulcanism, but perhaps it's smaller size allowed it to cool faster than say Earth. No gooey nougaty rotating molten iron center, no magnetic field, no magnetic field, no protection from the solar winds from stripping away the atmosphere, and without a thick atmosphere to hold in the heat, no water. At least that's one theory, but I digress. Pluto is a stupid frozen lump of who gives a fuck.

Well that's not entirely fair. The New Horizons mission has shown us, and will continue to show us new things we never knew about trans-Neptunian objects, but icy flat plains area that kind of looks like a heart, sort of, kind of, not really, aside Pluto just isn't as cool as years of fiction has made it.