The Brad and Elayne Show: Shin Shoryuken!

August 17, 2015

Oh man, what a twist. I was totally not expecting that. I totally figured Elayne was the one playing Kirby, cause he's pink and cute, and girls love pink and cute things. I mean that what the majority of marketing campaigns aimed at girls would lead us to believe. WRONG! Elayne plays to win, Kirby sucks, (heh heh, Kirby sucks. I get it.) Ryu is awesome! He can shoot balls of spirit-fire-ki/chi/qi-energy shit out of his hands with little ghosty projectiongs of his hands in previously mentioned balls of spirit-fire-ki/chi/qi-energy shit. Can Kirby do that? Well actually he can, if he absorbs Ryu's powers, but I digress.