Mii Battle Royale

September 09, 2015

Check it out, I made Miis for everyone, sort of. I modified them a bit. Brad is more or less accurate. I gave him a top hat to better reflect the Abe Lincoln beard he's rocking. Colored Danny's hat to be Danny's actual hat, and edited Elayne and Gwen's hair to look more like their actual hair. There's a hairstyle that is really similar to Elayne's hair, but the bangs needed a little tweek, as for Gwen, their is no Mii hairstyle that is Gwen's hair. Dyed bangs aside, there is no hairstyle that has the framing bangs and also with long hair in the back, only ponytails. Get your shit together Nintendo, I needs to make more accurate virtual versions of my made up people loosely based on real people. Well expect for Elayne. Elayne's not really based on anyone.

Or is she?