Halloween Shenanigans IV: The Coup

October 21, 2015

Happy Back to the Future day! Today is the day Marty McFly traveled into the future from 1985. Today, it is today, not tomorrow, not a week from now, not every day previously from today for the past three years. Today! What I'm trying to get at is, with today being the actual day Marty traveled into the future I sincerely hope the meme image of "Today is the day Marty traveled into the future!" with the incorrect date stops. but then again, this is the internet.

I had planned to do something Back to the Future-y for today's comic, but being thrown off schedule by the convention last weekend, that comic will be posted on Friday.

Speaking of conventions, we sort of have a convention to go to this weekend as well. The one day only, Portland Comic Expo Sunday October 25 in Portland Maine.