Not Doing Much of Anything Today

November 30, 2015

So I have an eye doctor's appointment today, which is fairly normal for me, and in today's appointment the doctor wants to view my retina through my pupil, which is fairly normal for an eye appointment, except for me. I have no pupils, they are very tiny, pinpricks, and they do not react to light. No waving a light by my eye to make the pupil shrink and grow. But that's okay, there's dilation drops, except my pupils suck so much that sometimes those don't work. So I need more dilation drops, which takes time. half an hour in between doses, four rounds of them, waiting in the doctor's office only to have my lazy ass pupils still not be big enough. My new doctor actually listened to me about this problem, and even more he believed me, which is a plus, so he actually wrote me a perscription for the dilation drops to use myself before the appointment, which is highly unorthodox because there is NO reason you would ever need to dilate your own eyes under any normal circumstances, but I digress. Maybe I won't need to wait in the office for two hours for my pupils to stop sucking today. On a side note, normally when you get these drops you only get one dose, and it typically wears off in a few hours. Not when you need to take at least four doses. Dilated for at least a day. Go to bed, wake up, still dilated. I hate this relatively normal procedure.