A Likely Story

February 16, 2016

Hey there peoples, hope you had a good weekend, and holiday. Perhaps some of you took your sweetheart to see the most romantic movie available at the time, Deadpool. I know I did, and some of the rest of you did as well seeing as the thing made like eleventy billion dollars over the weekend. (Or 135 million give or take to be more exact.) I enjoyed the movie, and I'm glad it's doing well. It's a testament to how good a movie can be when it's made by people who truly love and believe in a character, who are essentially left alone by the producing studio because they don't.

Now that the Deadpool movie is a success, and broken several records, highest R-rated opening, highest February and Winter season opening, and the one that doesn't seem true at first, but I assure you it is, the highest grossing opening weekend for any 20th Century Fox movie, period. Hopefully when it comes time to make the sequel, and they will be making a sequel, Fox gives them a full budget, and leaves them alone to make the movie they want to make. It worked for them this time. It could happen again