April Fool's Aftermath

April 05, 2016

Full disclosure, I'm a nerd, I mean super nerd. I like to be nerdy about nerdy things. It's not just enough to be have a knowledge of video games, I like to have a knowledge of how the games were made. Having grown up with the rise of video games I'd like to think I have a better appreciation for early gaming than, and I hate to say this because I'm going to sound like a cranky old man, "Kids these days." So many times have I sean people make pixel art, or a perler bead thinger and been all, "Check it out, I made an 8-bit, lolz." And my reaction is, no you fucking did not. You used way too many colors from a palette that is way too deep. That being said today's comic is colored in computer gaming palettes of the past. 4 color CGA, Windows 16 color, 64 color EGA, and 256 color VGA. As a comic artist I'm glad we have 24 bit true color available to us now.