ITsman Begins

June 21, 2016

Today marks an auspicious new beginning for one Mr. Brad Corddry. After years of college he has chosen a major and has begun his journey into the fantastical realm of Information Technology. What do you mean IT isn't a fantastical realm? It totally is.

Any who this new story thread is inspired by real world Brad, who himself is an IT professional, but mostly it's based on the year that he worked from home doing overnight tech support and the inane problems he had to deal with, and my attempt to make him laugh by coming up with the most absurd problems and solutions an ITsman might come across. So expect "Brad's Adventures in IT Land," to be a semi regular installment for when I just can't even, and can't comic that day. Sort of like what, "A Moment with Brad," is for. Hmm, maybe I should come up with a way to utilize other characters, like Elayne. Perhaps I should write a storyline just for Elayne? Haaa, Elayne the star of her own storyline, like that'll ever happen.

On a side note Christina is very sad that her business cards do not say "Computer Art Making Lady." Well we do need to reorder them soon. Maybe she's do for a redesign.